I have the pleasure of leading the following team of excellent young researchers in computing and math. We are a uniquely strong group, boasting both the highest number of Hong Kong PhD Fellowship (HKPF) awardees in recent years and the highest HKPF success rate (100%). Our group has more IOI, IMO, IMC, and ICPC medals than most countries! My team is also by far the most diverse and international research group in Hong Kong with people from 13 different countries in 4 continents. If you want to join us, read this page.


  1. Veena Prabhakaran (co-supervised with Mordecai Golin)

  2. Abidha Vadakkini Purakkal (co-supervised with Mordecai Golin)

PhD Students:

  1. Togzhan Barakbayeva (Hong Kong PhD Fellowship)

  2. Zhuo Cai (MPhil+PhD)

  3. Giovanna Kobus Conrado (Hong Kong PhD Fellowship)

  4. Soroush Farokhnia (MPhil+PhD)

  5. S. Hitarth

  6. Pavel Hudec (Hong Kong PhD Fellowship)

  7. Abbas Jafari (Based at Yazd University, co-supervised with Saeid Alikhani)

  8. Kerim Kochekov (Hong Kong PhD Fellowship)

  9. Chun Kit Lam (Hong Kong PhD Fellowship, co-supervised with Lionel Parreaux)

  10. Pingjiang Li

  11. Sergei Novozhilov (RedBird PhD Fellowship)

  12. Pouria Omidi

  13. Ahmed Zaher (MPhil+PhD)


  1. Shayan Cheshm Jahan (Sharif UT)

  2. Hamza Hasan Ellahie (GIKI)

  3. Pouria Fatemi (Sharif UT)

  4. Harshit Motwani (KU Leuven)

FYT (Undergraduate Thesis) Students:

  1. Tamzid Morshed Rubab


  1. Yun Chen Tsai (UROP, 2022)

  2. Tien-chun Cheng (UROP, 2022)

  3. Yi-feng Huang (UROP, 2022)

  4. Zherui Zhu (UROP, 2022)

  5. Roodabeh Safavi (Intern, 2021-22), now a PhD student at ISTA

  6. Sanzhar Bidaibek (UROP, 2021)

  7. Chun Kit Lam (UROP, 2021), now a PhD student in our own group

  8. Zhiang Wu (UROP, 2021)

  9. Ali Ahmadi (Intern, 2021), now a PhD student at U Maryland

  10. Majid Daliri (Intern, 2021), now a PhD student at NYU

  11. Mehrdad Karrabi (Intern, 2020-21), now a PhD student at ISTA

  12. Mohammad Mahdavi (Intern, 2020), now a PhD student at U Maryland

  13. Parsa Mirtaheri (Intern, 2020)

  14. Ali Asadi (Intern, 2019-20), now a PhD student at ISTA

  15. Kiarash Mohammadi (Intern, 2019-20), now an MSc student at U Montreal

  16. Ehsan Goharshady (Intern, 2019), now a PhD student at ISTA

  17. Arash Pourdamghani (Intern, 2018-19), now a PhD student at TU Berlin

  18. Ali Behrouz (Intern, 2018), now an MSc student at UBC

  19. Nastaran Okati (Intern, 2017-18), now a PhD student at MPI-SWS